13-09-1872: St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania

Artist/Studio: Burlison & Grylls, England, c.1872.
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: St David’s Cathedral.
Memorial: Rev. F. H. Ashurst.
Photos dated: 7th Oct 2010.

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The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania, Friday 13th September 1872, page 2.

“THE NEW CATHEDRAL WINDOWS.-Several members of the congregation of St. David’s having expressed a desire to have an opportunity afforded them of inspecting the stained glass windows, recently imported by the Harriet McGregor for the New Cathedral, the Dean intimates that they will be on view this afternoon from 2 till half-past 4 o’clock in the old church. The designs, colouring, and illuminations are stated to be of the best description, and highly creditable to the artist. The figures in the first- window represent Adam, Abel, and Noah; in the second Moses, Joshua, and Gideon; in the third David, Solomon, and Hezekiah; and in the fourth Isaiah, Daniel, and Malachi. Each figure has an appropriate Scripture text.”

The Mercury, Hobart, Wednesday 14th October 1874, page 2.

“…The Ashurst window at the end of the north aisle is the first of the series. In it is represented the fall, the death of Abel, and the building of the Ark…”

The Mercury, Hobart, Tas, Saturday 5th November 1870, page 3.

“…The Rev F. H. Ashurst, who had been for a short time officiating as Church of England minister at Kingston, was found dead in his bed on the 12th ult. Deceased was connected with one of the oldest families in England. His father and brother have been traditionally members of Parliament for the county of Oxford, and Mr. Ashurst was a graduate of Oxford University. The funeral took lace on the 14th, and was largely attended by clergymen and others…”


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