1954: St Joseph’s Church, Warnambool, Victoria, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Earley & Co, Dublin, c. 1954.
Location: Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Joseph’s, Kepler Street.
Memorial: Kelly family.
Photos dated: 7th January 2011.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 3rd September 1954, page 5.

“£2000 windows, Warrnambool, Thursday. Three new giant stained glass windows costing over £2000, have been placed in St. Joseph’s Church, Warrnambool. Money for the windows was provided from the estate of the estate of the Kelley [sic] family”.

These remarkable windows are all done in a style like that of the famous Harry Clarke but are made by Earley & Co studios Dublin Ireland and contain the company name on sections.

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3 comments on “1954: St Joseph’s Church, Warnambool, Victoria, Australia.

  1. My father (Leo Earley) did the design and cartoons for these windows.
    It is correctly noted that he was influenced by Harry Clarke’s work but he had his own style that was less Aubrey Beardsley (who influenced Clarke) and more like his uncles work William Earley who died in 1956

    • Hi Michael,
      Those windows are absolutely remarkable! Out of the more than 15,000 photos I’ve taken so far, these cycle of windows at St Joseph’s are my absolute favourite.

      Do you know if there are any other Earley & Co windows in Australia?


      • If I was to pick just one location that I have seen anywhere in Australia that I would take someone to see
        mesmerising stained glass it would be here…

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