11-03-1898: Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Tasmania.

Artist/Studio: Auguste Fischer, c1898
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity Church, 50 Warwick street.
Memorial: Davenport.
Photos dated: 8th Oct 2010.

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The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania, Friday 11th March 1898, page 4.


A memorial stained-glass window has just been fixed in Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, to the memory of the wife of Archdeacon Davenport, at the cost of members of the Davenport family. The window calls for special notice, not only on account of its being a splendid specimen of the best modern work, but also because it has been designed and executed in these colonies. The subject is the annunciation of the Virgin Mary, and is a graceful conception, both as to design and well-balanced colouring. The figure of he angel holding a branch of lilies is full of quiet refinement, though the drawing is vigorous and he harmony of the figure is undisturbed by exaggerated tints. The virgin is depicted in an attitude of prayer, kneeling with folded hands at a lectern, and the expression on the face, of mingled meekness and devotion, reveals the true artist. The treatment of the rich ruby robe is and important feature in the scheme of colour, standing out very effectively from the olive green background. The arras [sic] of old gold, curtained to display just a glimpse of blue sky, helps effectively to balance and harmonise the picture. The symbolic canopy is striking and original in design. The base of the window shows two white-robed angels in a kneeling posture, holding a scroll entwined with lilies, upon which the following words are inscribed:- “Her children arise up and call her blessed.” A vase of white lilies is placed in the foreground, the details showing conscientious workmanship as well as clever handling. The harmony of he whole piece is very pleasing, and the lead work has been unobtrusively and effectually distributed, making a picture which, to the eye of a true artist, cannot be otherwise than grateful and charming.

            The work has been designed and executed by Mr. A. Fischer, of Melbourne, and is greatly appreciated by those who entrusted him with the order. Mr. Fischer has conclusively shown that, given sufficient encouragement, he can turn out work of equal merit to that of European houses, which, by reason of their lack of knowledge of our sunlight and the surroundings of our buildings, have more than often executed orders which have proved exceedingly disappointing. The window has been fixed under the supervision of Mr. Alan C. Walker, A.R.I.B.A., of this city”.


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