21-05-1874: Holy Trinity, Westbury, Tasmania, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Couttes & Sons, London, c.1874.
(company name needs verification! – Most likely to be Cox & Sons)
Location: Westbury, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity, Catholic Church.
Memorial: N/A (gift of Mr John barber and family)
Photos dated: 11th October 2010.

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Launceston Examiner, Tasmania, Thursday 21st May 1874, page 3.



 “[…] The east end window is the gift of Mr John barber and family; it represents the nativity, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, with artistically enriched borders; the colors are exquisitely beautiful. This presentation window came from the establishment of Messrs Couttes and Sons, London, and is an admirable work of art. Another window is of stained glass in two lights each, one representing St. Patrick and St. Bridget, the patron saints of Ireland, the gift of Mr William Smith; and the other “The Annunciation,” the gift of the Very Rev. Vicar-General Dunne. A third window, also of stained glass, is the gift of Mr Dignam, formerly of Westbury, and represents “father, Son, and Holy Ghost,” the church being dedicated to the Holy Trinity. There are also presentation windows by Mr D. Burke, Churchwarden of the church and Warden of the Municipality of Westbury, emblematic of the Crucifixion; and another from funds collected by Mrs Steward, representing Faith, Hope, and Charity. All the stained glass windows, with the exception of the barber presentation at the east end, are the artistic work of Messrs Ure [sic] and Ferguson, Melbourne, and are well worth inspection and study. All the lead lights were made by Howard Bros., Launceston […]”

The windows mentioned as by the firm ‘Ferguson & Urie’ can be seen at: http://fergusonandurie.wordpress.com


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