11-07-1923: St Stephens Cathedral, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Artist/Studio: R. S. Exton, Brisbane, Queensland. c.1923.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Building: St Stephen’s Cathedral.
Memorial: William Naughton, died 3rd Oct 1920.
Donor: Not specified.
Photos dated: 1st March 2011.

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The Brisbane Courier, QLD, Monday 11th June 1923, page 7.


The subject for the Naughton window, “The sermon on the mount,” a very difficult one to treat in stained glass, has been skilfully arranged to achieve balance, and, at the same time, to preserve the dignity and meaning of the subject. Christ is depicted preaching to the multitude, who are gathered around Him, intently listening to the words of our Lord. In the tracery are shown attending angels, with scrolls bearing words embodied in the sermon delivered on the mount, and the base of the window carries scrolls bearing other quotations from the sermon. The beautiful blue in the tracery is noted for its richness, and the colour of the whole is in perfect harmony. The window is a fine example of what can be produced in Brisbane. The glasses were carefully selected in London by R. S. Exton and Co., Ltd.
The celebration of high mass followed the blessing of the windows, the Rev. Father Walter Cain being the celebrant, Rev. Father David Dee deacon, and the Rev. Dr. Kelly sub-deacon. Monsignor Cattaneo presided on the archiepiscopal throne, and his Grace Archbishop Duhig occupied a chair on the epistle side of the high altar…”

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