26-07-1881: All Saints, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Van der Poorten, Brussels, Belgium , c.1881.
Location: St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
Building: All Saints Church, East St Kilda.
Memorial: Wyatt and Others.
Donor: Messrs. W. Couche, H. Darlot, A. Cleveland and Congregation.
Photos dated: 3rd Apr 2011. South Transept.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Tuesday 26th July 1881, page 5.

“Special reference was made in the sermon delivered at the morning service on Sunday in All Saints’ Church St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. H. Gregory, to the memorial windows which have just been added to the south transept of that church. These stained glass windows are five in number, and complete the series begun in the north transept. Of those revealed on Sunday one was presented by Sunday school teachers and children; one was provided by the congregation in memory of Mr. F. Wyatt, who designed the transept and chancel, and the remaining three weer the gifts respectively of Messrs. W. Couche, H. Darlot, and A. Cleveland in memory of deceased’s relatives. The windows have been supplied by Messrs. De Porten [sic] and Co,. of  Brussels, and are beautiful specimens of Munich glass. The subjects dealt with are the raising of “Jairus’ daughter,” “The Agony in the garden,” “The Resurrection,”  “The Appearance of St. Mary Magdalene.” And “The Charge to St. Peter.” The details of the whole of these are beautifully worked out. The Rev. Mr. Gregory discoursed on the value and use of religious pictures, and in the course of his remarks expressed a which to secure for the church two beautiful brass candelabra, which were lately offered to him in London. The were, he said, given by King George II, to St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, and bear the arms, the Order of the garter, and are in the best style of continental brass work. They were removed from St. George’s in the course of alterations made to the chapel. At the close of the service a number of gentlemen expressed their willingness to contribute towards securing these historical memorials, and several amounts were handed to the rev. Mr. Gregory in aid of the object”.

St Kilda All Saints 098c

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