1946: St Peter’s, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Mervyn Napier Waller, c.1947.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Peter’s, Eastern Hill.
Memorial: New Guinea martyrs.
Donor: N/A
Photos dated: 16th July 2011.

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The New Guinea Martyr’s window was created by stained glass artist Mervyn Napier Waller and  installed in St Peter’s, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, in 1947.

St Peter’s Web site, ‘Views’, accessed 16 July 2012

“There are groups of missionaries nursing, teaching, or celebrating the eucharist; and in the centre light in the top two panels, the procession at the consecration of Dogura cathedral and the reading of the license of consecration in 1939, in which Sir Philip Strong, Bishop Wand (then of Brisbane), Bishop Newton (Strong’s predecessor in New Guinea), and other individuals, can be clearly recognised. Sir Philip Strong, in a sermon delivered close to the end of his life, invited viewers to look at the lower panels as though they represented particular martyrs or groups of martyrs, but his wording makes it clear that he did not think that the artist was presenting them as individual likenesses of the martyrs.[1] In point of fact, Waller had access to photographs of the consecration of Dogura cathedral which Fr Maynard brought back with him, and which remain in a photograph album in the parish archives. But we have no evidence that he had access to any likenesses of the martyrs themselves. For them, the representations are generalised ones”.

Biography:  Mervyn Napier Waller (1893–1972)


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