06-07-1925: Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Artist/Studio: F. Ashwin & Co, Sydney, NSW, c. 1925.
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity Church.
Memorial: Archibald and Emma Blackwood.
Photos dated: 8th October 2010.

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The Mercury, Hobart, Monday 6th July 1925, page 2.



Special interest attached to the service at Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, yesterday morning, owing to the unveiling and dedication of a stained glass window in the north wall of the church in memory of the late Mr. and Mr. A. C. Blackwood. Formerly associated with the State Education Department, Mr. Blackwood resided at New Norfolk for some 25 years, and was father of Canon D. B. Blackwood, rector of Holy Trinity, and also of Professor R. L. Blackwood, of Melbourne University; Mr. B. H. Blackwood, treasurer-warden of Holy Trinity; and Mr. H. E. Blackwood, headmaster of the state school, Burnie. There are two other sons, one in Sydney and the other at Port Arthur, and a daughter, Miss Blackwood. The late Mr. Blackwood died at New Town in 1917, and the window unveiled yesterday form a very fitting memorial of him and his wife. The window is the work of Messrs. F. Ashwin and Co., of Sydney, and is a beautiful piece of work. It is representation of the transfiguration, and yesterday, in the dreary dullness of a rainy day, was by no means seen to best advantage. The glorified Saviour is the central figure of the window. On the left side is Moses, representing the law, and holding in his hand a tablet containing the Commandments. On the right Elijah is depicted, representing the prophets, and underneath is seen the recording angel with a scroll on which appears the words:- ‘In Loving memory of Archibald and Emma Blackwood. Faithful servants of God’ […]”.

[…] There are now 22 stained glass windows in Holy Trinity Church, 12 in the clerestory, the big triple window in the east end, and nine others, leaving four to be filled”.


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