01-03-1935: St John’s Church, Sorrento, Victoria, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Mathieson & Gibson, Melbourne, c.1935.
Location: Sorrento, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St John’s Anglican Sorrento.
Memorial: Alice Hindson.
Photos dated: 25th September 2010.

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The West Australian, Perth, WA, Friday 1st March 1935, page 15.


Unique Stained-glass Window.

The growing tendency to depart from the usual emphasis on the gentleness of Christ and to portray His strength as a leader of mankind, has found expression in the design of a stained glass window recently unveiled in St. John’s Anglican Church, Sorrento, Victoria.

The window was designed by the Rev George Green (chaplain of Trinity College, University of Melbourne), and executed under his direction. It depicts Christ as a muscular, athletic-looking young man, beardless, and clothed in a goat’s skin, instead of the long flowing robes familiar in Biblical and other representations. In His right hand He holds a club with which He beats off two ravening wolves which have attacked Him as He protects His sheep. In His left hand is a shepherd’s crook. The window bears the inscription: “I am the Good shepherd and know My sheep.”

The design was due to Mr. Green’s wish to present Christ as a leader and protector of humanity rather than in the gentler form of a consoler as He is usually depicted.

This window, and another showing St. John the Evangelist, were unveiled as a memorial of the late Miss Alice Hindson, widow of the late Mr. John Hindson and daughter of the late Mr. F. Henty.

The windows were executed by Messrs. Mathieson and Gibson, Melbourne, and placed on each side of the chancel”.


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