11-08-1891: St Mary’s Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Vic, c.1891.
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: St Mary’s Cathedral.
Memorial: N/A.
Photos dated: 11 Aug 2012.

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The Mercury, Hobart, TAS, Monday 17th August 1891, page 2.

“ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL:- The ceremonies at St. Mary’s Cathedral were unusually interesting yesterday. At the 11 o’clock service His Grace the Archbishop presided, assisted by Father Gilleran. The mass was chanted by Father Sheehy. At the conclusion of the first Gospel the Archbishop, the clergy, and altar boys walked in procession to the Virgin’s Chapel, where a new stained glass window had been erected. The unveiling ceremony then took place. The new window was blessed by the Archbishop according to the right prescribed in the Pontifical Romanum. At the conclusion of the ceremony Father Gilleran ascended the pulpit, and made the usual church announcements for the week. In doing so he referred to the new window. He said that about 12 months ago a member of he congregation of St. Mary’s expressed a wish to have a stained glass window erected in the Virgin’s Chapel and offered all his savings amounting to 25, for that purpose. Father Gilleran at first declined the offer, thinking it too generous, but was pressed and finally agreed to the proposal. The only condition made by the donor was that his name should only be known to God and the priest. The window has cost about 100, and towards the balance of the cost a collection was taken up yesterday during mass. Over 20 were raised, and the entire cost of the window will be defrayed there from. The chief figure in the window is that of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary. The central light at the top of it is occupied by the figure of an angel bearing a scroll with the words “Ave Marie” thereon. At the bottom are the words “Regina sine labe concepta.” On either side of the chief figure are representations of St. Patrick and St. Bridget. The patron saints of Ireland. The intervening spaces are filled up by figures of angels and other religious emblems. The window was designed and executed by Mr. William Montgomery, Flinders street, Melbourne, and is a credit to his establishment, comparing favourably with the window over the high altar in the cathedral, which was the work of a celebrated English firm. The musical portion of the service was under the conductorship of Mr. McCann, and consisted of Gounod’s Mease Solennelle, which was rendered in excellent style by the choir. Miss Shields presided at the organ”.

(Regina sine labe concepta  = queen conceived without original sin)


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