02-12-1947: Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Tasmania

Artist/Studio: Brooks, Robinson & Co, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, c.1947.
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity Church.
Memorial: John Lyndhurst Gould.
Photos dated: 8th October 2010.

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The Mercury, Hobart, TAS, Tuesday 2nd December 1947, page 6.


DURING the morning service at Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, on Sunday, the Bishop of Tasmania (the Rt Rev G. F. Cranswick) unveiled and dedicated a window in the Baptistry. The window was given by Mr and Mrs John Gould in memory of their son, John Lyndhurst, who died in Melbourne in 1935, while a student at the College of Pharmacy.

INCLUDED in the large congregation were members of the Gould family and close personal friends, the headmaster, members of the staff, boarders, and other pupils of the Friends’ School, at which John Gould had been a brilliant pupil and an all-round sportsman. The window is an attempt to convey the lesson that at great moments in human lives the Spirit of God breaks forth into the world from that other world that lies beyond our ken, and comes to human souls with blessing and with guidance. The picture contains no human figure. At the head of the window are wings, symbolic of the doorway to the supernatural. The wings are drawn apart, and between them stream rays of golden light breaking through a cloud and lighting the pathway of a Dove, symbolic of the Spirit of God, and recalling the scene on the bank of the Jordan when Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptised. The Dove hovers over a font, which is bathed in the radiance from above, a reminder that what happened then, can, and does happen, when a baptism takes place at the font today. Below the font run the words: “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.” The plan of the window and its teaching were the work of Mr Gould in collaboration with Miss Isabel Stephens, who did the preliminary sketches, and the carrying out of the project in all its technical details was entrusted to Brooks Robinson Pty., Melbourne…”


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