03-12-1890: St Mary’s Catholic Church, Castlemaine, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1890.
Location: Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Mary’s, Castlemaine.
Memorial: Edward Fitzgerald.
Photos dated: 8th August 2010 & 8th Jan 2012.

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Advocate, Melbourne, Vic, Saturday 6th December 1890, page 15.


A splendid stained-glass window, to the memory of the late Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, has been erected in St. Mary’s Church, Castlemaine, and was unveiled on Sunday by the Rev. R. P. Collins, assisted by the Rev. M. Murphy. The window is the gift of Miss Eily Fitzgerald, a daughter of the deceased, and represents the crucifixion. It is composed of three lights, the centre one representing our Lord suspended from the cross, at the foot of which kneels St. Mary Magdalene. The two sidelights are occupied by the figures of the Mother of Sorrows and St. John. As a background to the figures are the towers and domes of the distant city of Jerusalem, standing against a sky streaked with lines of crimson and yellow, which gradually deepen to a dark and sombre blue at the zenith, and the side canopies are composed of the passion flower conventionally treated, in the midst of which are two angels with hands clasped in prayer. The bases are divided into two parts, the upper ones being treated architecturally as a support to the canopies. The lower bases are treated with rich conventional ornament of the early decorated period. The centre base is in the form of a cross, from the arms of which spring the grape vine, typical of the passion of Christ. In the tracery pieces are represented the Host ad the Chalice, and the monogram “I.H.S.” The colouring is of exceptional richness, the finest antique glass being used throughout the entire window. The whole of the ornament and architectural details are treated in the early decorated style of English Gothic. There are two scrolls containing the inscriptions:- “Pray for Edward Fitzgerald, died 19th March, 1890. R.I.P.” “Erected by his loving daughter Eily.” The work was executed by Mr. Montgomery, of Melbourne, and cost £500.”

The Mercury, Hobart, Tas, Wednesday 3rd December 1890, page 3.


“The handsomely embellished stained glass window at St. Mary’s Church, to the memory of the late Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, has been completed by Mr. W. Montgomery, of Melbourne. The subject of the window (which has been erected by Miss Eily Fitzgerald, daughter of the deceased, at a cost of £500) is the Crucifixion”.

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