14-01-1891: St Mary’s Church, Woodend, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1890.
Location: Woodend, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Mary’s, Woodend.
Memorial: Davies, Lattin, Allen.
Photos dated: 8th January 2012.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Wednesday 14th January 1891, page 6.


“On Thursday last three memorial stained glass windows were unveiled and dedicated in St. Mary’s Church, Woodend, by the Rev. Canon Chalmers, B.D., who delivered and appropriate and impressive sermon. The Revs. W. Charles Pritchard, M.A., G. W. Kelly, and J. Allen also took part in the service. The position of the windows is at the eastern end of the building, in the chancel. There are two lancet lights each 10ft. by 2ft. and a small cruciform light above, the upright of which is 4ft. by 1ft., and the transverse 3ft. by 1ft. The subjects of the larger lights are towards the north, “The Good Shepherd.” and towards the south, “St. Mary;” while the principal feature in the upper light is a dove with outstretched wings, as if in the act of descending. All the figures are admirably drawn, and the colours are harmonious and rich. The windows, which are suitable inscribed, have been presented by Mrs. Davies, in memory of her son; Mr. and Mrs. Greeves, and their sister, in memory of Mrs. Lattin, the ladies’ mother; and Mrs. Allen, in memory of her mother. The work was designed and executed by Mr. Montgomery, 164 Flinders-street, Melbourne.”


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