19-06-1911: St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1911.
Location: Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia.
Building: St Paul’s RC, Mount Gambier.
Memorial: John and Ann Kennedy.
Photos dated: 8th January 2011.

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The Register, Adelaide, SA, Monday 19th June 1911, page 3.


MOUNT GAMBIER, June 16.- A beautiful two-light stained glass window has been placed in St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church. It has been presented by the family of the late Mr. and Mr. John Kennedy, of Peweena, in memory of their parents, and is a decided ornament to the edifice. One light shows St. John the Evangelist with the Gospel open n his hands, and an eagle at his feet, the latter symbolical of his flight (in spirit) to Heaven. The other light depicts St. Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) teaching her little daughter from a book. The pose of the figures and the expression of the faces are excellent, and everything is brought out with the beauty of an oil painting and the precision of a photograph. A pleasing effect is given by the entwining of lilies in the canopies of each light. The work in the quatre-foil over the window is in keeping with the other, and contains the letters “B.V.M” surmounted by a crown. The following inscription is at the bottom of the window:- “In memory of John Kennedy, died at Peweena, 3rd July, 1910, aged 78 years. R.I.P. And of Ann Kennedy, died 27th March, 1908, aged 65 years. R.I.P.” The window was manufactured by Mr. W. Montgomery, of Melbourne.”


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