21-09-1912: St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1912.
Location: Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia.
Building: St Paul’s RC, Mount Gambier.
Memorial: Michael Byrne in memory of his wife and children.
Photos dated: 8th January 2011.

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Border Watch, Mount Gambier, SA, Saturday 21st September 1912, page 2.

“Memorial Window.- Mr. M. Byrne, of this town, has presented to St. Paul’s Church a beautiful stained glass window in memory of his late wife and children. It is a two light window, and the subjects are the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The former occupies the right half of the window:- The Saviour whos head is encircled with a halo, and whose face beams with benevolence and love, is represented standing, showing one hand pointing to His heart, and the other upward. The principal colors are crimson, brilliant blue, and cerulean. The left half of the window shows the Virgin standing crowned; “With the Holy Child in her arms,’ and her left foot planted on the neck of the Serpent. The principal colors used are crimson and blue. The draping is graceful, and its shading gives the impression of relief. In the quatrefoil at the top stands a cross with flaming heart in the centre. The inscriptions on the window are as follow:- “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us,” and “Divine heart of Jesus, have pity on us.” Below all are the words on a golden ground- “Presented by Michael Byrne in memory of his wife and children. R.I.P.” The window, which is the fourth memorial one put in the church to date, was manufactured by Mr. Montgomery, of Melbourne, and was fixed in the church by Mr. M. S. Duigan, of Mount Gambier.”


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