03-02-1902: Holy Trinity Church, Launceston, Tasmania.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1901.
Location: Launceston Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity, Launceston.
Memorial: Archdeacon Hales.
Photos dated: 11th October 2010.

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Examiner, Launceston, Tas, Monday 3rd February 1902, page 5.

“Late Archdeacon Hales.- Arrangements have been completed for the erection of a handsome stained glass window in Holy Trinity Church, which is now being built, to the memory of the late Venerable Archdeacon Hales. The window will be placed in the east end of the church, and the subject will be the Ascension. In the three lower lights the ascending Saviour will be shown in the centre, supported on either side by angels, and on the ground will be the apostles looking after the rising figure. In the tracery above there is to be a pictorial representation of the sun in the open heavens surrounded by angels. The stained glass work has been put in the hands of Mr. W. Montgomery, of Melbourne, which is a guarantee that it will be of the best quality. The stone tracery in which the window will be placed will be of an elaborate design. The work, which has been designed by Mr. A. North, architect, is being executed by public subscriptions. The Rev. E. G. Barry is secretary to the fund, and he will be pleased to receive any donations towards the memorial.”


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