12-04-1877: St John’s Church, Creswick, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Van der Poorten, Brussels, c.1877.
Location: Creswick, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St John’s, Creswick.
Memorial: Jane Archer Burton.
Photos dated: 15th May 2011.

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The Church of England Messenger, 12th April 1877, page 13.

“The window erected in St. John’s Church, Creswick, in memory of the late Miss Burton, organist of the church, is thus described by the Advertiser:- “The ‘memorial’ is a stained glass window, placed on the north side of the church, the subject being a full-length figure of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, treated in the medieval style. The saint, as usual, is represented holding a small organ, the face being a striking likeness of the lamented and much esteemed young lady. Above the principal figure are represented two angels, holding instruments of music, in the acts praise, surmounted by the sacred emblem I.H.S., and beneath, another angel holding a scroll inscribed with the words Gloria Dei. On another scroll, interlaced with the leaves of wood sorrel (emblem of St. Cecilia), is the inscription ‘In memoriam, Jane Archer Burton; A.D. 1876.” The subject was designed by Mr. Wyatt, of Melbourne, and executed by Van der Poorten Bros., Brussels. The purity of the design, the richness of the colours, and the finished style of the beautiful painting, make this memorial a real work of art.”

Jane Katherine Burton was the eldest daughter of Richard Archer Burton, a solicitor at Creswick. She was an organist of St John’s Church at Creswick and died on the 7th March 1876 aged 21.

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Thursday 9th March 1876, page 1.

“BURTON.- On the 7th inst., at Creswick, Jane Katherine, eldest daughter of Richard A. Burton, solicitor, in her 21st year”.


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