16-01-1882: Sacred Heart Chapel, New Town, Tasmania.

Artist/Studio: Ashwin & Falconer, Sydney, New South Wales.
Location: New Town, Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Sacred Heart College Chapel, New Town.
Memorial: N/A.
Donor: Mrs Young and her son John Clay Young.
Photos dated: 10th August 2012.

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The Mercury, Hobart, TAS, Monday 16th January 1882, page 3.

“…The altar window, most generously presented to the church by Mrs. John Young and her son, Mr. John Clay Young, depicts in rich colours the Three Mysteries of the Nativity, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, and is from the establishment of Messrs. Ashwin and Faulkner [sic: Falconer], of Sydney, the well-known glass-stainers, the capability of the firm being testified to by the fact that Mr. Ashwin prepared, when in London, a stained window for Westminster Abbey, The window is noticeable for the richness of its colours, and is a feature of the building of which its congregation has reason to be proud. It cost the sum of £100…”


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