28-03-1935: Old St James Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Christian Waller, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1935.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St James’s Old Cathedral, King Street
Memorial: Women Pioneers.
Photos dated: 10th May 2011.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Thursday 28th March 1935, page 14.

“Memorial Window”

“Archbishop Head dedicated a beautiful stained-glass window in St James’s Old Cathedral last night in memory of the women pioneers of Victoria. The window which represents St. Hilda Abbess of Whitby was the gift of descendants of pioneer families and it was designed by Mrs Napier Waller. The sanctuary was floodlit last night, creating a wonderful effect and assisting in the service were Archdeacon Lamble and the Rev A.F. Falconer. Names of the pioneers to whom the window is erected are to be inscribed in a special book of remembrance to be kept by the Cathedral.”

The Advertiser, Adelaide, SA, Thursday 4th April 1935, page 8.

“Honor For Pioneer Women.

When St. James Old Cathedral had to make way for business premises it was carefully rebuilt near the Flagstaff Gardens, where early settlers gathered to hear shipping news. Last week Archbishop Head unveiled a window in the cathedral, a gift from pioneer families in honor of pioneer women. The design represents St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, and is the work of Christian Waller, who herself, a pioneer woman here in the work of stained glass. She has her own kiln and takes a great joy in her work. Her husband is the well-known artist, Napier Waller, and she somehow finds time, while fulfilling her own destiny, to aid her husband when a rush of work makes It necessary as when she added thousands of pieces of mosaic to the great design which decorates Newspaper House, Collins street.”

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Monday 22nd July 1935, page 7.

“…Unveiled a few months ago, the large stained glass window depicting St. Hilda, lights the nave of the cathedral. It has been placed there as a memorial to the pioneer women of the State. Preparations are being made for another stained glass window on the other side of the nave as a memorial to the pioneer men of the State, and it will be unveiled during the centenary of St James’s Old Cathedral. Another memorial in marble reminds the visitor of the years through which St James’s has passed. It is a tribute to the first dean of Melbourne – the Very Rev. H. B. Macartney – who was an incumbent of the parish. The memorial tablet tells us that he was born in 1799, 36 years before Melbourne was founded, and that he died in 1894, aged 95 years…”


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