30-11-1868: St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, New South Wales.

Artist/Studio: Lavers & Barraud,
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Building: St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.
Memorial: Captain John Pike.
Photos dated: 8th May 2011.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW, Monday 30th November 1868, page 2.

“…The opposite window (western side of transept) is by Lavers, and Barraud, Enders-street, Bloomsbury. It was erected to the memory of Captain John Pike – formerly of the 73rd Regiment, but afterwards a settler near Merton on the Hunter – by his widow. Captain Pike died at Tours, in France, about six years ago; bequeathing large sums in charity, to various colonial institutions. The subject of this window is, the Supper at Bethany; Mary anointing the feet of Jesus; taken from St. John’s Gospel, 12th chapter, 7th and 8th verses – which are inscribed beneath the picture…”


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