08-05-2012: St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, New South Wales.

Artist/Studio: Charles Clutterbuck, London.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Building: St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.
Memorial: William Macpherson, James Norton, Robert Johnson.
Photos dated: 8th May 2011.

The article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in November 1868 provides a fairly comprehensive account of all the windows in St Andrew’s Cathedral at that time. One section describes three, three light windows, that are each memorials to William Macpherson, James Norton, and Robert Johnson. All three sets of windows were executed by the London firm of Charles Clutterbuck and each exhibits the armorial bearings of each of the men at the base of the centre light in each of windows respectively.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW, Monday 30th November 1868, page 2.

“…CLERESTORY WINDOWS.- The smaller window in the north transept, on the western side behind the pulpit, is to the memory of the late Mr. William Macpherson, of Blairgowrie in Scotland; for many years the holder of various public offices in this colony. He died at the residence of his son, Mr. Allen Macpherson (by whom the window is erected), on the 11th [sic: 13th[1]] March, 1866, aged 81. The subjects are, Moses lifting up the Serpent, John the Baptist preaching in the Wilderness, and Abraham offering up Isaac. The manufacturer is C. Clutterbuck, and the cost of erection £64. The corresponding window in the south transept (near the organ), is erected by the legal profession (of which he was so long a member) in memory of Mr. James Norton, for above thirty years Registrar of the Diocese. He was born at Ore Place, in Sussex, England, and died at Elsternwick, in this colony, on the 31st August 1862[2], aged 67. The window opposite (eastern side of same transept) is erected by members of the legal profession, and other friends, in memory of Mr. Robert Johnson, a member of the Legislative Council; who was born in London, on the 17th December 1812, and died at Brooksby, Double bay, on the 6th November, 1866 [3]…”


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