25-04-1868: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Hardman & Co, London, England, c.1868.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, West End (Principal entrance)
Memorial: Rev Dr Patrick Bonaventure  Geoghegan (1805–1864).

Photos dated: 2nd March 2013.

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 Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, Saturday 25th April 1868, page 12.

“…We must not omit to notice the stained glass in the principal window of the nave. It is by Hardman, of Birmingham, and it is not too much to say that it is one of the finest modern stained glass windows in the world. The subject is the Ascension of our Lord. …”

The Argus, Melbourne, Tuesday 28th February 1865, page 5.

“We are informed that it is proposed by the friends of the late Right Rev. Dr. Geoghegan, Bishop of Adelaide and Goulburn, to commemorate his public services to Victoria, as its first Catholic missionary, by purchasing from England a memorial window of stained glass, for the great western window of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A magnificent design by Hardman, valued at £1,000, the subject of which is the Ascension of our Lord, has been submitted for this purpose, and approved of by the bishop and architect of the church. A likeness of the late bishop will be introduced amongst the crowd of awestricken bystanders, with a suitable scroll, intended to be an everlasting memorial of the affectionate esteem of the subscribers, and an ever-present appeal for the prayers of the faithful in his behalf. Subscription-lists will be prepared in the course of a few days, and left at the principal banking establishments and public places in Melbourne”.

A basic short video uploaded to YouTube taken with my SONY DSC-HX9V. 2 March 2013.


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