03-06-1899: Werribee Presbyterian (Cross Roads Uniting) Church, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Powell & Sons, London, c.1899.
Location: Werribee, Victoria, Australia.
Building: Cross Roads (former Presbyterian) Church, Werribee.
Memorial: Infant Chirnside
Photos dated: 30th December 2010.

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The Bacchus Marsh Express, Vic, Saturday 3rd June 1899, page 3.

“This week and exceedingly appropriate, and very chaste, richly-coloured stained glass memorial window, by Powell, of London, was inserted in the Presbyterian church here in memory of the deceased infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George T. Chirnside. The window is placed immediately behind the Werribee Park pew in the east side of the church; and the colouring is sufficiently deep and rich in tone to stand the full effect of the forenoon sun. The subject of the window is admirably suited as a memorial of one that died in infancy, the symbolism being that of a flower plucked from God’s fair garden of infant life, by God’s angel, and borne upwards to heaven, while underneath is written, in quaintly  artistic characters, the motto – “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.” The working out of this symbolism by the artist in stained glass work has received very careful treatment. The principal figure in the window is an angel with a fine, intelligent looking, thoughtful, face, bearing in her hand a flower, in the form of a lily, which has just been plucked from the rich, variegated, profusion of flowers growing in God’s garden on the earth beneath, as depicted in the lower part of the picture, and ascending with the plucked flower above the clouds upwards to the bright light of the open heaven above at the very apex of the window, while 7 cherubs, (7 being the perfect number) indicating the angel spirits of little children, descend to meet and welcome the return of the angel with the flower she has just culled. The bodily form of the angel shows, in finely moulded shape, through the diaphanous robe, of an ivory satin tint, reaching down to the ankles; while the upper part of the body is further clothed with a kind of mantle in old-gold tint. Then the angel’s wings are done in an exquisite ruby tint, and the same tint is used for the wings of the seven cherubs above. The dark blue background of the picture indicating the sky, with lighter patches here and there indicating clouds, gives a soft subdued effect which is very pleasing to the eye, and presents a marked contrast to the other windows on both sides of the church, with their somewhat garish glare of light. A brass plate, bearing the name, and date of death of the deceased, will be affixed to the sill of the window, to complete this very chaste and appropriate memorial.”

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