1892: St Jude’s Anglican Church, Carlton, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Rogers & Hughes, Melbourne, c.1892.
Location: Carlton, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Jude’s Anglican Church, Carlton.
Memorial: John Richard Bathe Neale (1860-1891).
Donor: Parents – Anthony and Ellen Neale.
Photos dated: 26th September 2010.

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The biblical text at the base of the window is: “SAITH UN TO HIM ARISE TAKE UP THY BED AND WALK” (King James Bile: John 5:8).

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Monday 7th March 1892, page 5.

“A very fine stained glass window has been placed in St. Jude’s Church, Carlton, to the memory of John Richard Bathe Neale, Lygon-street, Carlton, by his parents, of Windsor. The subject is Christ at the Pool of Bethesda. The work was executed by Messrs. Hughes and Rogers, of this city.”

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Friday 5th June 1891, page 1.

NEALE.-On the 4th inst., at Lygon-street, Carlton, J. R. B. Neale, chemist, the beloved son of A. and E. Neale, aged 31 years. Died suddenly at his residence. The deceased was widely known and highly respected.”

NEALE.- On the 4th inst., suddenly, at 265 Lygon-street, Carlton, John Richard Bathe, chemist, aged 31, the beloved second son of Anthony and Ellen Neale, of 133 Wellington-street, Windsor, and late of Salisbury, Walsh-street, South Yarra. Deeply regretted.”

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Friday 5th June 1891, page 6.

A well known resident of Carlton met his death in a shocking manner yesterday morning by falling down a flight of stairs at his residence. The deceased is a Mr. John R. B. Neale, chemist, carrying on business in Lygon-street. The facts connected with his untimely end showed that on the previous evening he attended a quadrille party at Carlton. He returned home shortly after midnight accompanied by some gentlemen with whom he had spent the evening. His friends remained with him at his residence for a brief space of time, and on leaving the deceased expressed his intention of retiring to rest. About half-past 7 o’clock yesterday morning Mr. Harridge, who resides on the premises, and who acted as an assistant, was horrified, on descending the stairs for the purpose of opening the shop, to find the deceased lying at the bottom of the staircase. On making a cursory examination of the body it was found that life was extinct, and that death had apparently occurred a few hours before. It would appear from the position of the body at the foot of the stairs that death had probably been caused by suffocation. The head of the deceased was inclined forward to such an extent that his chin appeared to rest on his chest. It is conjectured that the deceased, whilst ascending the staircase, slipped and fell backwards. There is a sharp curve in the stairs, and it was at this point that the deceased is supposed to have missed his footing. In falling a distance of 8ft. or 9ft. the deceased probably turned a somersault backwards, and alighted in a crouching position. Mr. Harridge states that he heard the deceased go down stairs and in the direction of the back yard, but did not hear him returning to the house. Mr. Neale was 31 years of age, and unmarried. His parents reside at Windsor. An inquest will be held at 3 o’clock to day, and Dr. Cole will conduct the post-mortem examination”.

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Saturday 6th June 1891, page 11.



“The death of Mr. John Richard Bathe Neale, late chemist of Lygon-street, formed the subject of an investigation by the city coroner, Dr. Youl, yesterday afternoon, at the Leinster Arms Hotel. The evidence adduced showed that Mr. Neale returned to his shop at 1 o’clock on Thursday morning with two friends, after having spent the evening at a social gathering. The two friends, who were his assistant, Mr. Harridge, and Mr. John Cole, a dentist, remained with him some time, Mr. Cole leaving at half-past 2 o’clock in the morning, and at that hour Mr. Cole says Mr. Neale was quite sober. In the morning when Mr. Harridge was about to open the shop for business he discovered Mr. Neale lying dead at the foot of the stairs. A post-mortem examination made by Dr. Cole disclosed that the cause of death was apoplexy, and that the skull and body were quite free from injuries or marks of violence. This evidence suggested that Mr. Neale in ascending the stairs was suddenly seized with a fit and fell dead in a crouching position at the bottom of the staircase. A verdict of death from apoplexy was returned by the jury.”

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Saturday 6th June 1891, page 1.

“THE Friends of Mr. ANTHONY NEALE are informed that the remains of his late son, Mr. John Richard Bathe Neale, chemist, of Lygon-street, will be interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to move from his residence, 133 Wellington-street, Windsor, THIS DAY (Saturday, the 6th inst.), at half-past 2 o’clock, passing through Lygon-street about a quarter to 4.
ALF. AUG. SLEIGHT, Undertaker, 182 Collins-street; High-street, St. Kilda; and Chapel-street, South Yarra”.

Note: J. R. B. Neale was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery, CofE section Y, grave 253/254/299. His parents were buried with him. His father Anthony died 26th July 1902 and his mother Ellen died 3rd January 1918.

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