1909: St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Kilmore, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, 1909 (signed).
Location: Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Patrick’s, Kilmore.
Bartholomew Durkin (c.1828-1908).
Photos taken: 14th December 2013.

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Kilmore Free Press, Kilmore, VIC, Thursday 16th September 1909, page 2.

“Memorial Window”.

“A new stained glass window has been erected in St. Patrick’s Church, Kilmore, to the memory of the late Bartholomew Durkin. Its subject is Christ appointing St. Peter head of the Church. Our Lord is represented as addressing St. Peter, who, kneeling before Him in an attitude of veneration, holds the keys to typify the power promised by Christ in the text “I will give to thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.” Behind St. Peter stand two of the Apostles in reverential attitudes. The general effect of the window, while rich and full of colour, is quite and harmonious. Our Lord is dressed in white under robe and ruby mantle richly ornamental; the face is tender, yet strong, and great care has been taken in the drawing to make the figure stand in an easy and natural attitude. The old idea that figures in stained glass must, of necessity, be strangely and wonderfully drawn, unlike anything in heaven or earth, must be re-adjusted, especially when it comes to be realised that a stained glass window is not, or should not be, a factory production, but a work of art just as much, in its degree, as a picture. St. Peter is robed in the traditional colours pertaining to him, viz., blue and yellow. The robe is richly diapered and varies in colour from pale gold to rich yellow. Around the feet of our Lord sheep and lambs are grazing, recalling the words of Christ when actually giving St. Peter supreme authority over His Church, viz., “Feed my lambs; feed my sheep.” The quartrefoil over window contains, on a shield, the keys of St. Peter. The inscription briefly and simply sets forth that the window is “In memory of Bartholomew Durkin. R.I.P.” It was erected by Mrs Durkin, of Kilmore, to the memory of her late husband, who died at Kilmore on April 16, 1908. The window was designed and executed by W. Montgomery, of 18 Alfred Place, Collins St. E., Melbourne, who also designed the window to the late Very Rev. M. Farrelly.”

Kilmore Free Press, Vic, Thursday 23rd April 1908, page 3.

“Mr Bartholomew Durkin, an old colonist, died on Thursday last after a few weeks illness. He was a quiet unassuming man and was aged 80 years. He resided at Kilmore about 50 years ago, later removing to the Goulburn Valley, returning to this district a few years back where he occupied his own property at Moranding for a time, disposing of same to settle down quietly and end his days in the nice residence formerly owned by Mr R. D. McKay. He leaves a widow and one son to mourne his death. The remains were interred in the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery on Good Friday, Father O’Dwyer reading the service, Mr Jas. Beegan having charge of the mortuary arrangements.”

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