1889: St John’s Anglican Church, Heidelberg, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Brooks, Robinson & Co, c.1889.
Location: Heidelberg, Victoria.
Building: St John’s Church, Heidelberg.
Memorial: David Charteris McArthur.
Donor: His widow.
Photos dated: 20th June 2013.

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Mercury and Weekly Courier, Vic, Thursday 12th September 1889, page 3.

“On Sunday morning last a larger congregation than usual assembled in St. John’s Church, Heidelberg, on the occasion [sic] of the unveiling of the memorial window to the late D. C. McArthur, Esq., J.P. Morning prayer having been said by the Rev. A. J. Pickering, the incumbent of the parish, the sermon was preached by the Rev. Charles T. Perks, incumbent of St. Stephen’s, Richmond, and Rural Dean of Melbourne East, who took for his text, Hebrew iii. 4. In his opening remarks he referred to the state of the road between Melbourne and Heidelberg, and the appearance of the surrounding country forty years ago, the time when he first became acquainted with Mr. McArthur and to the great changes for the better, in many respects, that had since been affected by the agency of man. He also spoke of the character of Mr. McArthur, which was marked by uprightness and kindness, and that he was one who had taken and active part in everything that concerned the best interests of the district, that while he was glad to have been invited to take part in the service on the present occasion, he thought it fitting that another still older friend of Mr. Macarthur’s, whom he was glad to see in the church, should be asked to perform the ceremony of unveiling. At the conclusion of the service the rev. A. J. Pickering left the sanctuary, and requested the Hon. James Graham to unveil the window, at the same time giving that gentleman permission to address the congregation. Mr. Graham said he had known his late friend over fifty years, and could endorse all that the reverend speaker had just said about him, that Mr. Mc Arthur was one of the most upright, straightforward, hospitable, and generous men, and he was very pleased to see this tribute raised to his memory, and placed in this church by one who also was highly esteemed by all who knew her, and he regarded it as a very great privilege to be present on the occasion, and to have been asked to perform the ceremony of unveiling that truly beautiful memorial of his late friend. The inscription at the base of the window was then read, and the window dedicated by the officiating clergymen. The following is the inscription – “To the glory of God, and in memory of David Charteris McArthur, one of the first trustees of this church: this window was erected by his widow.” This is one of the finest pieces of artistic work of the kind we have seen in the colony, and to see it would well repay a visit to Heidelberg. It was from Messrs. Brooks, Robinson and Co., Elizabeth-street, Melbourne, and was designed by their artist, Mr. Hughes. The subject of the window is King David, and is very powerfully drawn and executed, full of majesty and devotional feeling, and the coloring, while being rich and gorgeous, is soft and harmonious. Mr. McArthur had retired on a handsome pension from the bank of Australasia, of which he was the first general manager and inspector in this colony. He was connected with several of our public and social institutions, succeeding the late Judge Barry as president of the Melbourne Public Library, of which he was a trustee; he was chairman of the Library Committee, member of the national, and also of the Industrial and Technological Museums; also Vice-President of the Austin Hospital for incurables, and a member of the Old Colonists’ Association, of which he was for some time president. The Rev. C. T. Perks is also a member and chaplain of that Association, so too is the Hon. James Graham, and for that reason, in addition to being very old friends of the late Mr. McArthur, were especially invited to take part in the ceremony on Sunday last.”


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