1917: St Matthew’s Presbyterian Church, Stawell, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, c.1917.
Location: Stawell, Victoria.
Building: St Matthew’s, Stawell.
Memorial: Mrs Anne Anthony.
Donor: Her three daughters, Mrs Forshaw, Mrs Lilley and Miss Anthony.
Photos dated: 11th June 2011.

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Stawell News and Pleasant Creek Chronicle, Vic, Saturday 22nd September 1917, page 2.

“Some time ago the daughters of the late Mrs Anthony, (Mrs Forshaw, Mrs Lilley and Miss Anthony) expressed a desire to present something to St Matthew’s Presbyterian Church as a memorial of their mother. The gift has taken the form of three stained glass windows, which have just been executed by Mr W. Montgomery, of Melbourne, and erected. The Kirk session gratefully accepted the handsome gift and recorded its appreciation of this beautiful way of expressing gratitude and loyalty. The windows are the three end windows nearest the northern end on the west side. The topics of the windows are “Faith,” “Hope” and “Charity,” and are of chaste design. The Rev. H. C. Matthew, M.A., will preach on Sunday morning and during the service unveil the windows…”


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