1919: St Katherine’s Chapel, St Helena, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: Brooks, Robinson & Co, c.1957. Replica of original by William Montgomery, Melbourne, 1919.
Location: St Helena, Victoria, Australia.
Building: St Katherine’s Chapel.
Memorial: WW1 Soldiers
Photos dated: 26 May 2013.

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Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser and Diamond Creek Valley Advocate, Vic, Friday 19th December, 1919, page 2.

“Saturday, 6th December, saw a handsome stained glass window unveiled at St. Catherine’s [Sic: St Katherine’s] (St. Helena), a beautiful piece of work executed by Mr. W. Montgomery, and a lasting memorial to our soldiers. The figure of St. Michael, the Triumphant Archangel, is depicted in magnificent colouring, and is well worth seeing. At the base of the window a brass tablet is affixed bearing the inscription- “With thankfulness to Almighty God and in memory of all those who willingly offered their services during the great war (1914-1919) this window is placed here by the congregation and friends.” Chaplain-Captain Rolsinson [sic] performed the ceremony of unveiling and dedication as well as delivering a most stirring address. The visitors and Sunday school scholars (whose picnic was held the same day) were entertained sequentially in the grounds, and Mr. W. H. Everard, M.L.A., welcomed the returned men in his usual hearty manner.”

St Katherine’s church was gutted by a bush fire on the 28th February 1957 and all the original historic windows, some of which date as far back as 1869, and many other artifacts were lost in the blaze.

After the fire the congregation resolved to restore the church and replicate as much as possible based on old photographs. The replica’s of the stained glass windows were produced by Brooks, Robinson & Co. of Melbourne.

A detailed article about the history of St Katherine’s chapel and the Beale family can be see here: 1869: St Katherine’s Church, St Helena, Victoria.


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