1888: Christ Church, Anglican, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne. 1887.
Location: Hawthorn, Victoria.
Building: Christ Church, Hawthorn.
Memorial: Marian May Wallen.
Donor: Mr. Robert Wallen.
Photos dated: 14th Nov 2010.

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The Church of England Messenger and Ecclesiastical Gazette for the Diocese of Melbourne and Ballarat, Vic, Monday 9th January 1888, page 4.

“WE are glad to learn that an important branch of ecclesiastical art – that of painting on glass – is making rapid progress in this colony. Two admirably designed and executed windows have quite recently been erected in St. Stephen’s Church, Hawthorn, and St. Colomb’s, Glenferrie, and now we have the following description sent to us of a memorial window which has just been put up in Christ Church, Hawthorn, by Mr. Robert Wallen in memory of his late wife. This window is in the west end, consists of three lights, and is the largest window in the church. The subjects of the two side lights are taken from the description of a good woman contained in Prov. xxxi. The centre light represents “Christ blessing little children;” the left-hand side light illustrates the text, “She stretched out her hand to the poor;” and the right-hand light. “Her children arise up and call her blessed.” The groups are of large size; the ornament in canopies and bases is in the Early English style. The memorial inscription is, “In loving remembrance of Marian May Wallen; died 29th January, 1887.” The whole of the work of this window, as of those mentioned before, was designed, drawn, and executed in Victoria, the artist being Mr. W. Montgomery, of Melbourne, late of Clayton and Bell, London, and Mayer and Co, Munich. A window for St Paul’s Church, Sale, is nearly finished.”

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic, Monday 31st January 1887, page 5.

“We have to record with deep regret the sudden demise of Mrs. Wallen, wife of Mr. R. F. Wallen, of the firm of Clarke and Co., sharebrokers, of Elizabeth-street. The deceased lady was in excellent health, and with her husband was entertaining a party of friends at their residence in Weinberg-road, Hawthorn, on Friday evening. At half-past 10 o’clock Mrs. Wallen retired to attend to some household duties, and drank a glass of iced water. Mr. Wallen shortly afterwards found her in her bedroom, suffering considerable pain. Dr. Alsop was at once sent for, and a messenger was also dispatched for Dr. Fetherston, Mrs. Wallen’s regular medical attendant. On Dr. Alsop’s arrival, at about a quarter to 12 o’clock, he found Mrs. Wallen in a very weak condition, and with Dr. Fetherston, who arrived some time afterwards, remained by her bedside until half-past 2 a.m., when she had sunk apparently into a sleep. They then left her, but shortly afterwards it was discovered by her family that in her sleep she had ceased to breathe. The cause of death was presumed to have been internal inflammation, caused by drinking the iced water. The remains of the deceased lady were interred yesterday in the Boroondara Cemetery, the Rev. W. Wood and the Rev. T. H. Armstrong officiating. The funeral was attended by a numerous gathering of the private and public friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wallen. The sad event created a wide-spread feeling of deep regret in Hawthorn, where the deceased lady was widely known and greatly esteemed.”

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