28-09-1857: Chalmers Free Church & Scots Church, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Artist/Studio: Thomas Wilmshurst, London, 1857 .
Location: Hobart Tasmania, Australia.
Building: Chalmers Church 1857-1955,  Scots Church since c.1955.
Memorial: N/A.
Photos dated: 10th August 2012.
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The “Burning Bush” window was originally installed in the Chalmers Free Church in Harrington Street Hobart in 1857.  Nearly a century later, in 1955,  the church was demolished after it’s sale to the Neptune Oil company and various historical artifacts were donated to  other local religious institutions. With the help of Tasmania’s historical stained glass restorer and conservator, Gavin Merrington, this window has finally been tracked down and found to be now located in the Scots Church in Hobart.

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The Hobart Town Mercury, Monday 28th September 1857, page 3.


By the Antipodes there has been imported by Thomas Brown Esq for Chalmers’ Free Church, two most magnificent Gothic windows, composed of stained glass, representing Moses and the burning bush. The manner in which the light and shade is carried through the window, is not only exquisite but it is extraordinary. The interior of the Church has been greatly improved. Gas has been introduced, and the pulpit cushions re-covered with rich satin velvet. The whole appearance of this really beautiful Church is striking yet subdued. The “dim religious light” as it enters through the stained glass is provocative of solemn feelings and thoughts; whilst the other portions of the edifice are perfectly in unison with them. The windows have been manufactured by Mr. Wilmshurst, of Gower Street, Bedford Square, and are superior to anything of the kind yet seen in Tasmania. As a work of Art alone they are well worth viewing; whilst they will prove not only an ornament, but a comfort, and an auxillary to those who attend upon the Ministration of the Rev. Mr. Nicholson.”

The Mercury Hobart, Saturday 23rd October 1954, p2.

The church was sold in 1954 to the Neptune Oil Company for about £18,000. The organ went to the Hobart Baptist Tabernacle and on the 10th of August 2012 the Wilmshurst stained glass window has been positively identified as extant in the Scots Church in Hobart.

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