Legitimate enquiries are most welcome.

Please see rules at the bottom of the page below the ‘Submit’ button before you commit yourself to my devoted attention or wrath!.

I am more than pleased to hear from you if you find something on my site of particular interest to you, whether it be from a family history perspective, stained glass research, or just a genuine inquiry. But…. I have a dim view of ‘spammers’ and all other similar responders who intend to clog the internet of unsolicited garbage.If you email a comment to me that has nothing to do with yours or my interest in this subject I will advertise your originators I.P. address on the spam forums.
And No….I don’t need ‘Viagra’! If I make it to 99 years of age I may need a hand to tie my shoe-laces, BUT THAT’S ALL 🙂

So, please be considerate of my interest in this research topic and only respond if you have a legitimate inquiry. You also have the opportunity to use the ‘Reply’ option at the bottom of any of the individual articles to provide a comment or question about that particular article.

4 comments on “Contact

  1. I have just sent you an email about a stained glass window with the name George Duke.
    I do hope you can help me in this family quest!

  2. Thank you for your info online . I have been researching the Davis family tree for a for a friend and discovered from your web page the details of the stain glass window of Pte Ewart William Davis who is my friend’s great uncle. Now I can add this info with Ewert’s army portrait. Thank you .

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