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I finally posted new article after a long break. This one is about the chancel windows of All Saints Anglican Church in South Hobart.  I’ve long suspected these windows to be the Work of William Wailes of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England and I eventually found the proof.
See: https://wp.me/p2yCYO-Gq


I’ve now got an Instagram account for StainedGlassAustralia which I think is a much more palatable medium (than Twitter) to display some stained glass photos with a small blurb.

You can follow my account via Instagram or just have a look now and then at the web address of : https://www.instagram.com/stainedglassaustralia/

After only a couple of months it has gained a significant following. I only post photos specific to our magnificent stained glass hertitage in Australia and I only follow others around the word who post interesting things on stained glass.


I now have a presence on Twitter as @StainedGlassAU. It’s an experiment at this stage. We’ll see what happens!


Updated post 23-07-1884: Christ Church, Geelong, Victoria, by including a photo of Sir Charles Sladen’s grave of the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.


Updated the post: 23-07-1884: Christ Church, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

A photo of the brass plaque beneath the stained glass window has been added as well as some images of Sir Charles Sladen (1816-1884)


Updated the post 1888: E. S. Parkes window, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Balaclava, Victoria.

Photo and detail of the gravestone of Edmund Samuel Parkes from St Kilda Cemetery has been added.


I’ve uploaded a detailed selection of all the stained glass windows of St John’s Anglican Church at Corowa in New South Wales.

The chancel window is by Ferguson & Urie circa 1884. Surrounding windows in the chancel and Nth & Sth transepts are by Lyon & Cottier.

A nave window is by “Leonie Le Cornu”, another is by “G+B” (Red Setter symbol?). Artist/Studio for the 1968 ‘Rogers’ memorial window not known.

See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stainedglassaustralia/sets/72157642730301993/


Photos of the stained glass in St Mary’s Star of the Sea Catholic Church at Corowa in New South Wales have been uploaded to a set on my Flickr site here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stainedglassaustralia/sets/72157642582593914/

I don’t know which company made these windows by I suspect possibly Gustav Van Treek or F. X. Zettler.


I’ve uploaded a full cycle of photos of the stained glass windows at St Andrew’s Presbyterian church at Kilmore to my Flickr site.

Only the left and right decorative gothic design windows either side of the liturgical west end of the church and the plain windows with mono coloured borders are original Ferguson & Urie glass. I don’t have enough information at present to add an individual article about the Ferguson & Urie windows themselves to this site as yet.

The other figurative windows in St Andrew’s date from early 1900′s and were made by the Brooks, Robinson & Co stained glass company of Melbourne.

See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stainedglassaustralia/sets/72157641500473914/


This weeks article on the stained glass of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building has been contributed by guest author Karla Whitmore.

3 comments on “Updates & Latest News

  1. Yes, I can confirm that the G + B 1979 is a GOWERS & BROWN window. Red Setter, who’s name is Eve, was their first R S. They bought it with them from UK in 1954.It and many large litters :). G & B tried’ their hand in East States first, but came back to W A as no REAL s/g studio existed there. Ted Gowers told me this, as did Arthur Clarke, of Barnett Bros in East Perth. BB closed own their s;glass dept. A C worked with G & B for a short time. I knew Arthur, and his wife Clare.

    • Many thanks for your comments Ken. It’s excellent to have some of this historic info recorded for historical purposes. I was also advised that Ted Gowers passed away in early Sept 2012.

      Many thanks,


      • Ray. I’m the only person ”alive”who knows G & B’s early days, mid-days etc of what we did in WA. It behoves me to script this book. However, even after Official WA Govt approach for few $’s to gwert it ” all done in WA..printed, published etc 🙂 Min of Arts + Premier [ current one ] stated this: ‘ As you are no longer domiciled in WQA no funds can be given to you.’ end of quote Ray.. OMG I was born in Kalgoorlie, folks built the current WA Parliament House, they both sit in + Aquinas Chaple, full of G & B s/g [glass in concrete. Goes to prove top me that even Min of Arts has no clues + I enclosed a file with all details. Oh well, I told them this book will hv a PAGE of names of those who refused to support it.Not slander, just plain truth, reality like. Glass never lies..aahahaha All my works + WW 1 & 11 items I donated to WA for history & legacy so others can study the real facts. Never dull Ray,,, appreciate ur reply too…cheers..

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