23-11-1861: Holy Trinity Garrison Church, Sydney, New South Wales.

Artist/Studio: Charles Clutterbuck, England. c. 1861.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity Garrison Church, Argyle Street, Sydney.
Memorial: Helenus and Augusta Maria Scott.
Donor: Mrs Mitchell.
Photos dated: 7th May 2011.

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The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW, Saturday 23rd November 1861, page 8.

“MEMORIAL WINDOW.- A beautifully-devised emblematical window, of a most imposing character, has just been put up in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church, Argyle-street, the gift of Mrs. Mitchell, of Cumberland-place, “in memory of Helenus and Augusta Maria Scott,” and exceedingly well executed by Mr. Clutterbuck, of Stratford, England. Many of the heads are supposed to be taken from Raphael’s cartoons. In the centre of the wheel at the top is the Annunciation of the Angel to Mary; the middle light has the Baptism of Our Lord, surmounted by the emblem of the trinity, as being the name of the Church; on the left are the shepherds visiting the child Jesus, and the adoration of the wise men, and on the right is the Ascension, with the disciples in the act of worship. In the quatrefoils, above the two lights on either side, are the letters “Alpha” and “Omega” in connection with the beginning and close of Christ’s life on earth. We should be glad to hear of the church being wholly furnished with such memorials; the liberality of the Christian and respect for departed friends would at once be made manifest in a useful and gratifying manner. We observe also that all the other windows of the church have been neatly painted in imitation of Powell’s stained glass, by Mr. W. Palmer, Park-street. The large window has been fixed by Mr. Cooper, of Judge-street.- Communicated.”

The window has the memorial text:


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