25-02-1911: Holy Trinity Church, Williamstown, Victoria.

Artist/Studio: William Montgomery, Melbourne, Australia, c. 1910.
(This window is signed by Montgomery)
Location: Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.
Building: Holy Trinity.
Memorial: Eva Browne.
Photos dated: 11th September 2010.

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Williamstown Chronicle, Saturday 18th February 1911, page 2.

“THE memorial window erected in Holy Trinity Church to the memory of the late Miss Eva Browne is to be unveiled and dedi cated tomorrow morning, at the 11 o’clock service. The ceremony is to be performed by the Venerable Archdeacon Hindley, B.D. The subjects represented in the window are “The Light of the World” and “Saint Cecilia.” The former was chosen because the figure of the Redeemer as the light of the world is typical of Miss Eva Browne’s earnest and consistent working in the cause of Christianity; and the latter because Saint Cecilia as the patron saint of church music, is symbolical of the position so long and honorably sustained by Miss Browne, as leader of Holy Trinity Church choir. The hereditary armorial bearings of her mother’s family have been placed in the little circular window.”

Williamstown Chronicle, Vic, Saturday 25th February 1911, page 2.

“An unusually large congregation assembled at Divine services in Holy Trinity Church last Sunday morning. Interest and curiosity had been awakened, as it was generally known that a sad yet complimentary incident was to be performed. From childhood the Misses Browne had been identified with the town’s chief Episcopalian place of worship, mainly as choir members and Sunday School workers, and as they grew older blossomed into leader and organist respectively. Miss Eva Browne was well known to the church membership of Holy Trinity. By this large circle of friends, more particularly the surpliced choristers, she was loved and revered for her consistent Christian conduct, and as their leader. The special feature of this service was to seek to perpetuate her memory. To this end a memorial window of appropriate design had been prepared, subscribed for by the in times of the deceased lady, and last Sunday forenoon was the fitting period arranged for its unveilment and dedication. The subjects represented in the window were fitting, as in a measure emblematical of the line of personal conduct in life deceased had sought to follow. The chief figures were “Light of the World” and “Saint Cecilia.” The later, tradition asserts, was the patron saint of church music. Hence as leader of Holy Trinity Church choir the representation was peculiarly suited to hand down Miss Eva Browne’s memory to not alone the present living, but church members taking their place hereafter. And the other and higher representation of the Great master himself helps accentuate the proven fact that the deceased had lived and died a worker in the Saviours cause. As an adjunct of the larger, and appropriate as a family relic, the hereditary armorial bearings of Mrs Browne’s family have been placed in a little circular window. The Rev. Mr Law read the prayers and Mr Mayman the lessons, and the Venerable Archdeacon Hindley, B.D., preached a discourse appropriate to the importance of a very special occasion, in addition to unveiling and dedicating the memorial window to the memory of the late deceased.”

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